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Making a complaint

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At the NETSCC, we always want to ensure that you have a positive experience when you contact us, and try to resolve your queries promptly, informatively and courteously. However, we acknowledge that sometimes problems can occur and are committed to resolving these with you. We also value your feedback in the event of a problem occurring. This page explains how and when to make a complaint to NETSCC.

Definition, inclusions and exclusions

 The NETSCC's definition of a complaint is: "… an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by any part of the NETSCC."

Complaints will generally include the following:

  • Failure to meet our legal obligations, e.g. Freedom of Information or Data Protection
  • Failure to meet the NETSCC/NIHR’s agreed policies and/or procedures
  • The unhelpful or insensitive attitude of a NETSCC employee
  • Neglect or unreasonable delay in answering a query or responding to a request for service.

The following type of complaint is excluded from the procedure:

  • A matter which is currently the subject of litigation or legal proceedings.

The complaints system does not cover:

  • Any complaints by members of NETSCC staff which are covered by University of Southampton’s grievance procedures.

How we deal with a complaint

Your complaint will be acknowledged within two working days and you will be given the timescale for our full reply. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated and you will be sent a full written response normally within 20 working days of your complaint being received.

If, however, we are unable to send a final response within that timescale, we will send you a holding reply telling you why and when you may expect to know the outcome.


What to do if you have a compaint: Stage one

If you have a complaint about any aspect of NETSCC, you can let us know by telephone, in writing, by email or by fax. All complaints will be handled by the Senior Programme Manager in the Chief Executive’s Office.

Liz Sibley, Executive Officer
Alpha House Enterprise Road
Southampton Science Park
Southampton SO16 7NS

tel: 023 8059 5586
fax: 023 8059 5639


What to do if you have a compaint: Stage two

If, following the Senior Programme Manager’s reply, you remain dissatisfied, we shall invite you to write directly to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Alpha House
Enterprise Road
Southampton Science Park
Southampton SO16 7NS

tel: 023 8059 5586
fax: 023 8059 5639

The Chief Executive Officer, Ms Lynn Kerridge, will review all the available information and investigation carried out and will reply directly to you. She will also at this stage advise you of your right, if you remain dissatisfied, to make an information request under the Freedom of Information Act.


Complaint about NETSCC response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act or Data Protection Act

Any requests for information under either the Freedom of Information or Data Protection Acts will be handled in conjunction with the University of Southampton Legal Services department. Please see our Freedom of Information page for further details.


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The NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Programme is managed by the NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC). NETSCC is part of the University of Southampton funded by the NIHR, with specific contributions from the CSO in Scotland and NISCHR in Wales and the HSC R&D Division, Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland.

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