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 4 September 2013
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 30 August 2013
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 17 July 2013
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 3 June 2013
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 17 May 2013
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 14 May 2013
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 2 May 2013
Study of recovery-focused mental health care planning and coordination in England and Wales

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Published reports

The following is a list of all the reports that have been published since January 2010:

Project RefProject TitleChief Investigator
A study of the effectiveness of inter professional working for community dwelling older people
Goodman, C
Patients’ experiences of care and the influence of staff motivation, affect and well-being
Maben, J
09/1005/03Emergency Planning in Health Care: Scoping study of the international literature, local information resources and key stakeholders
Goodacre, S
Getting the benefit from electronic patient information that crosses organisational boundaries 
Dent, M
08/1809/227Better mental health care for older people in general hospitalsGladman, J
Effectiveness of Multi-Professional Team Working (MPTW) in mental health care (MPTW)West, M
Understanding place of death for patients with non malignant disease: a systematic literature reviewMurtagh, F
08/1809/228Understanding and improving transitions of older people: a user and carer centred approachGlasby, J
08/1808/244Evidence in Management Decisions (EMD) - advancing knowledge utilization in healthcare management (EMD) Swan, J 
08/1819/214Topic 1: enhancing the effectiveness of interprofessional working: costs and outcomes (EEICC) Enderby, P 
09/1005/01A scoping study of emergency planning and management in health care: What further research is needed? Boyd, A 
COCOA: Care for Offenders Continuity of Access (COCOA)
Byng, R
Electronic services: implementation and impactKeen, J
Environmentally sustainable health and social care: Scoping Review
Appleby, J
Understanding professional partnerships and non-hierarchical organisations
Sheaff, R
A pilot electronic multi-agency information sharing system for mentally disordered offenders
Senior, J
Talent management in the NHS managerial workforce
Powell, M
08/1718/145Health, medicines and self-care choices made by children, young people and their families: information to support decision making
Williams, A
The evaluation of maternity units in England
Brocklehurst, P
Effects of choice and market reform on inequalities of access to health care
Cookson, R
Same technology, different settings: workforce management, planning and training implications
Pope, C
08/1619/114Integration of social care staff within community mental health teams
Huxley, P
08/1310/072 The REFER Project - Realistic Effective Facilitation of Elective Referral: an assessment of the current use of referral tools for referral from primary to secondary care for elective surgical assessment & design of new tools  van der Meulen, J
08/1304/075In-patient alternatives to traditional in-patient care
Slade, M
08/1501/092 Understanding the dynamics of organisational culture change: creating safe places for patients and staff  McKee, L
08/1518/102Networks in health care: a comparative study of their management impact & performance Ferlie, E
08/1613/117Transition from CAMHS to adult mental health services (TRACK): a study of policies, process and user & carer perspective Singh, S
08/1619/134 Mobility of health professionals in Europe PROFMOBILITY - UK case study Young, R
08/1618/156The role and effectiveness of public-private partnerships (NHS LIFT) in the development of enhanced primary care premises and servicesBeck, M
08/1813/248Synthesis and conceptual analysis of the SDO programme's research on continuity of care Parker, G

Can the medical management of self-poisoning contribute to suicide prevention? Confidential inquiry and case control study

Kapur, N
The impact of changing workforce patterns in emergency and urgent out-of-hours care on patient experience, staff practice and health system performance
Lattimer, V
Evaluating the nursing, midwifery and health visiting contribution to models of chronic disease management
Goodman, C
08/1618/125Decentralisation and performance: autonomy and incentives in local health economies
Exworthy, M
08/1304/063Evaluating models - An evaluation of specific acute hospital site reconfigurations in the context of identifying underlying principles for future reconfigurationsSpurgeon, P
Patients, Professionals and the Internet: Renegotiating the Healthcare Encounter
Laing, A
Comparative governance arrangements and comparative performance: a qualitative and quantitative study
Storey, J
Understanding the barriers and facilitators of effective implementation of self care in Mental Health Trusts
Gillard, S
Changing cultures, relationships and performance in local health care economies
Mannion, R
The impact of workforce flexibility on the costs and outcomes of older people's services
Nancarrow, S
Self care and case management in long term conditions: the effective management of critical interfaces
Challis, D
Delivering health care through Managed Clinical Networks (MCNs): lessons from the north
Davies, H
Self-management support among older adults: the availability, impact and potential of locally based services and resourcesParsons, S
A multi-context, multi-method assessment of the contribution of nurses to chronic disease management in England and Wales
While, A
Liaison mental health services for older people: a literature review, service mapping and in-depth evaluation of service modelsHolmes, J
Effective ways for professionals to involve carers in information sharing: a training resource
Pinfold, V
Nature and consequences of support workers in a hospital settingKessler, I
08/1801/220Research utilisation and knowledge mobilisation - a scoping review
Ferlie, E
A study of approaches to develop and support people in public health roles
South, J
The organisation and delivery of diabetes services in the UK: a scoping exercise
Forbes, A
The impact of incentives on the behaviour and performance of primary care professionals
Tickle, M
08/1605/121The nursing, midwifery and health visiting contribution to CDM: a whole systems approach
Kendall, S
Developing evidence based and acceptable stepped care systems in mental health care: an operational research project 
Richards, D
Inpatient care for people with dementia: implications for person-centred practice
Schneider, J
The transition from paediatric to adult diabetes services: what works, for whom and in what circumstances?
Allen, D
08/1610/124Integrated services for people with long term neurological conditions: evaluation of the impact of the National Service Framework
Parker, G
Needs and experiences of services by individuals with progressive disabling neurological conditions and their carers: a bench-marking study
Fitzpatrick, R
Evaluating self-care support for children and young people with long term conditions
Kirk, S
Comparative evaluation of children’s services networks: Overcoming professional, organisational and sector boundaries in paediatric nephrology, child protection and Cleft lip & palate networks
Currie, G


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